La Bottega del Caffe – It’s a no

Bottega Sign

I was recently shopping on Oxford street and found myself wandering up Regent Street just to take in the sites. I was hungry and though McDonald’s was pulling at me, I felt that I needed to partake of the many fascinating and different restaurants that London has to offer.  I was attracted by the display window of La Bottega del Caffe.   The food looked delicious, it was full of people and the decor was modern and simple.

Bottega decor

The employees were friendly and helpful and after glancing at their menu and offerings (which were a bit on the pricey side), I ordered a mozzarella, avocado and mortadella sandwich on baguette bread.  The employee offered to make it into a panini for me and I happily agreed.  I love toasted sandwiches!

The problems started after it was done.   Instead of bringing the plate to the sandwich, the employee carried the sandwich in tongs to the plate, thereby dropping half of the fillings out onto the floor.  She dismantled another sandwich and put the fillings back into my sandwich (which kind of defeated the purpose of toasting it in the first place).  She ended up doing  this twice repeating the same mistake, instead of realizing that it might be better to bring the plate to the sandwich.  But after two attempts, she finally got the sandwich onto the plate and handed it to me.

I then went to order a small dessert, choosing a wrapped crust filled with what looked like yellow custard.  The employee put it on a plate that was too large for the small dessert and as I tried to balance the tray and pay for my food, the dessert slipped off onto the floor.  (It was one of THOSE days.)  She kindly offered me another one and I finally made it to my table without any more mishaps.

Unfortunately, the food was very much a let-down.  The sandwich was plain and fairly tasteless. There were no sauces or even a little bit of salt to bring out the flavor.  And mortadella is really just another word for bologna, which I don’t like, so it was a disappointment.  I tried the dessert and was even more frustrated when I found out it was just yellow frosting wrapped inside a plain sugar cookie that tasted like it was made with shortening.


When reviewing places to eat, I have to be honest.  McDonald’s would have tasted better.  But I have to give everyone a fair chance, so I might try this place again on another day with different food to see if it’s worth it.  At this point, I would give it a thumbs down, but I’m always willing to give people and places a second chance.  Here’s hoping!

5 thoughts on “La Bottega del Caffe – It’s a no

  1. Interesting read! I’m not sure if it was one of those days for the employee (especially if s/he is new to her/his job) as well. I didn’t mean to laugh at the bad experience – sorry if I sounded so. But yes, putting aside restaurant policies, there is nothing better than common sense – so the employee should have tried taking the plate to where the sandwich is being made. Also for those restaurants on the pricey side, carrying a sandwich through multiple tables on the hallway just on a pair on tongs wouldn’t work. I too would give a thumbs down. Hopefully you would have a better experience next time. Looking forward to hearing the sunny side of the story 🙂

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    1. Laughing is just fine! I started half-smiling myself watching her try to get the sandwich to the tray. If there is a next time, yes, I hope it will improve. But with 10,000 restaurants in the London area, I don’t think I will be returning to soon. 😉

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